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Bench-marks for literacy!

Meir’s Shining Light Reading Corner - Sponsor a Bench Today!


In an effort to secure funding for our youth literacy program called Meir’s Shining Light Reading Corner, and to provide adequate infrastructure in the form of seating for children, community members, and book sponsors/readers, we have envisioned a “sponsor a bench” program.

By sponsoring a bench, people may support the creation of additional seating areas for Community gardeners, Urban farmers, and community members as well as children in our reading program.

This sponsorship supports youth literacy and Grassroots Community Development at the Albany Victory Gardens project and each bench can be made to commemorate the donor, a loved one, or a cause; with available engraving as an option.

The Log benches will be made by hand, onsite from upcycled material recuperated from downed trees locally. Converting this waste product into a resource for the service of our community and specifically our youth reading program will give our local trees a continued presence and further opportunity for engagement with the natural world for children!


  1. Convert downed trees into 25 benches through direct sponsorships

  2. Create seating for the Meir’s Shining Light Reading Corner

  3. Connect children and community members to the natural world through the use of handcrafted ecological infrastructure

  4. Develop sustainable funding for youth empowerment and literacy through the use and training of cottage industry and community-based production of culturally pertinent, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable creations.

  5. Our initial fundraising goal is $12,500 for the benches with $2,500 to cover the cost of equipment for bench making.

Each bench is $450

After you donation has been made, please email us and provide your name and contact information, also include the name or organization you would like the bench dedicated to!


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